Designed for B2B SaaS Companies & Startups

We will book you 10-30 Sales Meetings per month to Grow Revenue faster.

Qualified Lead Generation with AI-powered Prospecting System

Without - Burning excessive cash on paid Ads, relying just on referrals from your network or focusing on slow revenue generating growth channels like SEO.

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Do any of these ring a bell for you?

⚠️ Do you constantly wonder where your next customer is going to come from?

⚠️ You don't have a reliable customer acquisition channel for your go-to-market strategy that generates booked demos and qualified sales leads for your product or service.

⚠️ You are currently not generating consistent cash flow for your company and would like to add an additional $30K to $100K MRR to your business.

⚠️ You currently lack the expertise and resources to setup an AI-driven outbound infrastructure for personalized, intent-driven outbound campaigns.

⚠️ Your VCs keep demanding you to crack your outbound before handing you more funding for your next round.

⚠️ You want to focus on building products and delivering excellent results to your current customers while getting demos booked with qualified prospects on your calendar, without lifting a finger.

If you can relate with any of the situations above, we can help!

We will install a proven outbound prospecting system for your go-to-market strategy that leverages automation and AI-driven sales tech to book you 10-30 sales qualified meetings and demos per month with decision makers at your target companies.

Now Imagine your business in a position where -

✅ Customers chase you and not the other way round!

✅ You predictably and consistently get new leads, clients and revenue.

✅ You are speaking with only highly qualified prospects your products can actually help.

✅ You have an automated, AI-driven lead generation system that delivers new customers on autopilot with 0 to minimal effort from you.

✅ Your VCs rave about you to other companies in their portfolio and are dying to fund your next round.

✅ You have more time to focus on high-leverage-activities that allow you to creating the best product and delivering excellent results to your customers.

    Case study

    How we helped SafetyWing (YC backed Startup) generate $450K+ additional ARR in under 10 months.

    How it Works

    Our growth methods helped SafetyWing (YC backed startup) generate $450K+ USD in ARR in 10 Months.
    Day 1


    Fill out the onboarding form and attend a quick call to help us -
    Understand your market, identify your Ideal Customer and set up communication channels.
    Day 2

    Technical Setup
    (Domains & Deliverability)

    Buying domains, setting up users and begin inbox warmup to make sure every email lands in your prospects inbox and not spam.
    Day 3-4

    Market Research & List Building

    Putting together a dream-list of qualified leads based on your Ideal Customer Profile.
    Day 5-8

    Crafting No-Brainer Offers

    Creating multiple campaigns with persuasive copy that resonates with your ICP’s pain points and grabs their attention.
    Day 14

    Launching your Outreach Campaign

    Launching your automated custom email-campaigns with personalized copy.
    Day 14-17

    A/B testing

    We launch 3 different versions of campaigns to test your offers with an initial pool of leads to find the winning offer.
    Day 18-20


    Once we find the winning offer we scale the campaign to reach 1000s of qualified leads that meet your ICP criteria.
    Day 20-45

    Booking calls on your calendar

    Sales meetings with your ideal prospects will start to show up on your calendar
    (all done for you with 0 effort).

    Who We Work With?

    We work with a select few markets. Contact us to see if your brand is a good fit.
    Work With Us

    Online Startups

    Empowering Startups with Leads to Fuel Growth and Innovation.

    IT Consulting Firms

    Driving Growth for IT Consulting Firms through Quality Leads.

    AI Companies

    Powering AI Advancements through Targeted Lead Generation.

    Web3 Companies

    Navigating the Future of Web3 - Leading with Quality Leads

    SaaS companies

    Fueling SaaS Success – Generating Leads for Your Software Solutions.


    Elevating Financial Technology with Lead Generation Expertise.

    Get Qualified Meetings On Your Calendar

    Book more sales meetings with the right decision makers.

    I’m in. Find me Leads!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What method are you using to do outreach to prospects?

    We use Automated Cold Email to reach out to prospects.

    How do you know who to reach out to?

    We will identify your most profitable Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) during our onboarding call and set clear expectations for prospects that you want to work with. ICP will be identified based on their industry, company size, job titles of key decision makers, their pain points and challenges.

    Why is your AI-Driven Prospecting System a better way to reach out to prospects compared to other forms of marketing and outreach?

    Because with Automations and AI, email cold outreach has become highly cost-effective to conduct targeted prospecting without having to rely on your network, referrals, or spending tons of money on gimmicky marketing tactics.

    Does this risk our brand’s reputation?

    No, Outbound Marketing is an industry standard marketing channel just like paid ads or commercials. Your ideal customer seeing the right email at the right time is the only thing that counts so they can make the decision to purchase because they need your exact solution to solve their problems or achieve their dream outcome.

    How much work do we need to do to get sales meetings?

    None at all since this is a completely Done For You Service. All you have to do is make sure your best closers are attending the meetings we book for you. We will gather everything from you during the onboarding call (ICP, USP, Case Studies etc.) to get started with our partnership.

    Will you use our email accounts and domains to send the emails?

    No we create new domains and email accounts so your main company domain stays healthy.

    Do we get to see the email scripts you send on our behalf?

    Yes of course, we go through every script together before launching any campaigns.

    Who’s names will you be using to reach out to prospects?

    Trust is built when sales reps don’t change from email to call. Hence we will use your top sales rep’s names who will be on the call. Plus we will use your company’s branding for consistency.

    Can I change my email campaign targeting after the launch?

    Yes, you can change your targeting. However, if we have already launched with the criteria you previously gave us, we will typically use up the old data before creating a new list with the updated criteria.

    How do you send the leads to me?

    We book the meeting on a Calendly setup with your top sales reps email.

    Can you take the sales meetings for us?

    Unfortunately no, our main focus is to fill up your top sales reps calendars so we can all do what we do best.

    What if the prospects don’t show up?

    You let us know via Slack and we’ll follow up with them to ensure they book a new appointment with you.

    Have the prospects opted-in to receive these emails?

    Typically no, prospects have not specifically opted in to receive emails from us. Due to the highly targeted approach we take to email outreach, we do not require prospects to opt-in to receive our emails.

    Is B2B email outreach compliant with GDPR and CAN-SPAM?

    Yes, provided the messaging is relevant, targeted, and it is reasonable to suggest the prospect could be interested in the product service being offered to them. Another key element to ensuring our outreach is GDPR compliant is data processing. We do not share prospect data. As we only use opt-in databases and always provide a clear way for the recipient to unsubscribe from further communication if they choose to.

    When will we start seeing results?

    We begin outreaching exactly 14 days after Onboarding call and you can begin seeing meetings booked on your calendar within 30 days.

    How many leads should I expect to receive each month?

    The performance of a campaign is hugely subject to industry, company sizes, public holidays, and several other factors.

    Do you provide the list of our ideal prospects when reaching out to them?

    Yes, we provide you the list of your ideal prospects.

    What is the length of the contract for your services?

    We cater to the needs and preferences of our clients while prioritizing flexibility so you can cancel anytime. However, LeadsAI system reaches it’s full potential in 90 days, which is why we recommend a minimum of 90-day engagement to generate results that showcase the benefits of using this system.

    What ROI can I expect?

    While the exact ROI can vary depending on industry and deal size, our clients typically see an 5-10X return on their investment.