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How It Works?

video production processvideo prodeuction processVideo production process

What We Do?

Video ad services

Video advertising to grab attention and increase sales.

Shorts, Reels, & TikToks

Optimized short-form videos to grow your audience.

YouTube Videos

Long-form videos to build your community.

Video Production for Course Creators

Creating a video course? Let us help you produce it into digestible modules.

Video Sales Letters

Videos to clearly communicate your Product’s Value Proposition and persuade your viewers to purchase.

How It Works?

website design processwebsite design processWebsite design process

What We Do?

Branding Strategy & Figma Designs

Be seen, and build trust & authority with a unique design for your brand.

Landing Pages

Send traffic of engaged leads straight to your Landing Page with the aim of introducing your offer, nurturing your leads, and guiding them to your CTA.

SAAS Marketing Websites

We will build you a High-Converting Website to market your SAAS to capture your leads and convert them into paying customers.

Figma Designs to Functional Websites

Got a design already? We will convert your designs into a functional website with perfection down to the nearest pixel.

How It Works?

Automated lead generationLead generation processLeads AI process

Designed for B2B SAAS Startups & Agencies

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Online Startups

Empowering Startups with Leads to Fuel Growth and Innovation.

IT Consulting Firms

Driving Growth for IT Consulting Firms through Quality Leads.

AI Companies

Powering AI Advancements through Targeted Lead Generation.

Web3 Companies

Navigating the Future of Web3 - Leading with Quality Leads

SAAS companies

Fueling SAAS Success – Generating Leads for Your Software Solutions.


Elevating Financial Technology with Lead Generation Expertise.

Why Videos, Websites & Lead Generation?

Because combined together, they make the ultimate Inbound + Outbound growth channels

Build a brand & grow your audience with well-produced videos.

With our highly engaging videos, you can capture your audience’s attention and turn them into paying customers.
No Videos = No Brand Awareness = No Potential Customers
Website design by Digital CreativsWebsite design by Digital creativs

Well-crafted Landing Pages and websites to introduce your offer.

While our videos help capture your audience’s attention, dedicated landing pages & websites guide your audience to your offer and convert them into paying customers.
No website = No conversions = No paying customers.
Leads AI

Automated outreach system for boosting your top-line revenue.

We created LeadsAI as the perfect solution to tackle your lead generation problem.

We will build you a fully automated email outreach system that beats your sales reps every day and book you an influx of 10+ qualified sales meetings every month to help you close more deals and increase your revenue.
No LeadsAI = No automated email outreach  = Untapped Revenue

Who We Work With?

We work with a select few markets. Contact us to see if your brand is a good fit.
Work With Us
Saas Founders & Entrepreneurs
Online Educators & Course Creators
Agency Owners
Real State Agents
Fitness Coaches
Content Creators

What Our Clients Say?

Come join us, you are in good company
Prakhar and I worked together to improve the conversion of a landing page designed to convert social media influencers into affiliate marketing partners. Prakhar’s expertise helped me transform our landing page. Within just three months, he took the landing page from a dismal 2.7% conversion rate to an incredible 15.3%! As a product manager, Prakhar brought front-end development expertise and also helped us design features that resonated with affiliate marketers, delivering a whopping 500% increase in visitor conversion.
Owen Hodges
Product Manager, SafetyWing (YC 18)
I am immensely pleased to share our remarkable journey with Digital Creativs, our trusted digital partner in transforming IIVER’s student acquisition channel.By implementing targeted Google Ads, Digital Creativs reduced our student acquisition costs by a remarkable 47%. This not only enhanced our enrollment numbers but also attracted quality students from all over the nation who resonated with our values.I wholeheartedly endorse Digital Creativs for their unwavering dedication, expertise, and ability to turn our vision into reality. They have played a pivotal role in our journey, and I look forward to our continued partnership in advancing veterinary education worldwide.
Dr. Gaya Prasad
Dean, International Institute of Veterinary Education & Research (IIVER)
It has been a pleasure working with Digital Creativs Inc. They always are passionate and optimistic about their work. Communication with them is amazing and their feedback/reporting goes a long way to evaluate future goals.
Taimour Shahid
E-commerce Business Owner
To me trust was the most important aspect of working together. I would 12/10 recommend any company in my network to work with Digital Creativs.
Victor Nourrissat
Head of Growth, SafetyWing (YC 18)

The Founders

Meet the founders who grow brands and scale businesses
Prakhar Keshari

Prakhar Keshari

Former Software Engineer & Product Developer for Global Advertising Firms & Silicon Valley Startups.
Freelance Digital Media Strategist & Video Producer to E-Comm brands & Local Businesses.
Preeti Malik

Preeti Malik

Former Project Manager for CH Robinson Consulting firm. Media & Google Ads expert to facilitate student acquisition at IIVER (Veterinary College)
Influencer Outreach strategist for SafetyWing.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What video editing software do you use?

We use Final Cut Pro, the go-to choice for the best creators on all Social Media Platforms.

What type of videos can I get edited by you?

We specialize in working with Online Educators & Course Creators, who need tons of video editing help to convert the knowledge in their heads into well-crafted tutorials and online courses.
Other video edits we help with:

- High-converting Video Sales Letters (VSLs)
- Vlogs
- Talking Head
- Interviews
- Ads
- Travel videos
- Real Estate videos

How many videos can I get edited per month on a subscription?

You can submit as many video requests as you would like.
We will work on one video at a time and move on to the next one once you approve the edited video. With that said, depending on the complexity and production value of your video you can expect:

- 4-6 long-form videos (max up to 30 minutes in length) per month
- Or 10-20 short-form (max up to 1 minute in length) per month
- Or an agreed-upon combination of both.

What kind of quality can I expect from you guys?

Exported Footage:
In terms of final exported footage, we offer 1080p for short-form social media videos and 4K for long-form videos for courses and YouTube.
We do accommodate special requests, which you can discuss during the discovery call.

We take great pride in high-quality videos that are engineered to stop the compulsive scroll and quickly engage your viewer and pay attention to your message.

How do we achieve that?
With fast-paced editing, beautiful captions with aesthetic typography and symbolic storytelling with b-roll, icons and graphics we keep your viewer engaged so they don’t abandon your video to go watch something else.

Do you do one-off videos?

Yes for things like VSLs, Ads, etc. we can offer one-off video production service.


What does the turnaround time look like for a Website Project?

We could offer you lightning-fast turnaround times, but due to the technical nature of things we can’t promise you a delivery time right away.

For reference - a landing page or a one-page website with a simple CMS could take about 2-3 weeks, whereas a more complex website project with multiple pages, CMS and animations could take up to 4 weeks or longer.

From the moment we onboard you, we will work on your project every business day (Monday-Friday). We will spend the first 3-5 days in the research & discovery phase, where your project delivery time will be “TBD”.

Once we have clarity on your project, website structure, design elements, colour schemes and typography, we will give you an estimate of the delivery time.

Do you custom code or use a framework to build websites?

We excel in Webflow Development, which is a no-code visual tool that allows us to take complete control of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to build amazing websites.

Why Webflow? Simply because Webflow is the perfect tool to build both simple yet beautiful Landing Pages and complex Multipage Websites with CMS.
It also allows immersive experiences with rich animations and interactions all without code.

What about hosting? Webflow allows easy publishing tools, to get your website live with a single click of a button.
They offer one of the best hosting services while securing your website with SSL & ISO 27018 compliance.

Can you implement a CMS or Backend?

Yes, we can implement your CMS setup and architecture! We can collect CMS implementation details and architecture from you during the onboarding call and we will implement it in the simplest way possible.

Do you do Figma designs too, or would you need designs from me?

Yes, we create pixel-perfect designs for you in Figma, which once approved by you gets converted into the website.

What about analytics?

We can implement Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Hotjar on your website to track overall website performance, unique pageviews, time on site, conversions and user behaviour.

Leads AI

How will this help me get more sales?

If you have been in business long enough you surely know that sales is a numbers game.
The more people you have on your sales roster the more deals you can close.

With LeadsAI we send out 1000s of well-crafted offer emails on your behalf every day to leads on the list we generate specifically for you.

In the offer emails, we aim to get a lead interested by speaking to their self-interest, and how they can achieve it by following up with us.

This results in an increase in inbound inquiries requesting more info, this is where we incept the idea of discovery call into the prospect’s mind.

Since they are interested enough to find out more about how they can achieve their dream outcome and satisfy their self-interest, they book a call with you.

How is cold email outreach more effective than cold calling?

Have you received a cold call yourself? How do you feel about that?

I am sure the moment you figure out it’s a cold caller trying to sell you something you probably just hang up and move on with your day right?

But what about an email in your inbox?

I can guarantee that you won’t be able to ignore an email. The least you will do is read the subject line and check the content of the email before deleting it.
And if the email speaks to your self-interest, I am sure you will be willing to take action on it.

The same happens with the people we send emails to on your behalf.
That’s the reason why cold email is better than cold calls 100% of the time.

Plus, LeadsAI is an automated email service, which once set up doesn’t need to eat, sleep or feel motivated to work like your sales reps, which books you more calls on any given day!

How do you ensure high-quality leads show up for our sales meetings?

Simply because we qualify every lead better.

We put in the time and effort to really understand your product and market so we can craft clear offers that don’t try to sound clever but sensible to your ideal customer.

This reduces decision fatigue and makes it easy for your prospect to take the next action step and get on a sales call with your team.

How are you so confident about your results?

Our co-founder Prakhar is a former Software Engineer and product Developer for Global Advertising Firms & Silicon Valley Startups, where he built email automation from scratch. He has a thorough understanding of software products, user behaviour and the SAAS industry.

Our second co-founder Preeti is also a Software Engineer with a business specialization that enabled her to become an Outreach Specialist for a Y-Combinator-backed VC-funded startup.

Their experience has helped them gain immense market insight into the SAAS industry and has allowed them to confidently offer outstanding cold email outreach results for B2B SAAS companies.